How much are your ideas?
Only one penny* each, see our costs page for an explanation.

How many ideas can you deliver?
This depends on the type of ideas required and on what topic. While 50 to 100 ideas is the usual cap, in some circumstances we think we could come up with up to 500 ideas. If we can't confidently reach the amount of ideas we agreed to provide you, we'll call off the brainstorm and refund the difference.

How quickly can you deliver the ideas?
The speed of delivery of your ideas is agreed upon before we start. You will be given a set of quotes that vary according to speed of delivery (the faster you need them, the more expensive they'll be). Most idea types and quantities can be delivered from 1 to 4 weeks, as agreed beforehand.

Are your ideas silly or serious?
It's up to you. We love being silly, but also have the capacity to control ourselves and provide serious solutions. If possible, we'll include some clever puns and play-on-word ideas that we consider serious suggestions.

What if we don't end up using any of your ideas?
We aim to do one of two things. 1) Deliver the idea solution you need, or 2) Have our ideas provide you with a useful springboard that ultimately helps you reach your own 'winning' idea quickly. If neither of these aims are achieved, it's possible you didn't ask us for enough ideas or we weren't provided with a crucial piece of information to direct our ideas appropriately. We are, however, confident you will be happy with the quality and variety of the ideas we give you.

Can we use more than one of your ideas if we like them?
Sure, and we'd love to know which ones you liked best.

Do we own the exclusive rights or copyright to the ideas we buy off you?
Nope. We reserve the right to offer similar or the same ideas to another client with a similar predicament. However, if you tell us which idea you're using from us, we won't share that particular 'winning' idea again with anyone else.

Can we sell the ideas we bought off you to someone else?
Sure! Do what you like with them. You can reap any rewards from our ideas, but also any downfalls in the unlikely event of that happening.

What topics don't you provide ideas for?
We only supply ideas for topics that are morally squeaky clean. For example, we can not offer our services for any of the following: gambling, alcohol, tobacco, revenge, suicide, sex or sexual provocativeness, swearing, racism, bullying, anti religion, etc.
There may also be some areas we do not have the appropriate knowledge or experience in to be able to offer useful ideas. E.g. rocket science or brain surgery.

Is there a discount for not-for-profit organisations?
Yes, we will offer 25% off for any not-for-profit organisation

Where do I get started?