A penny* for our thoughts? YES, that's right! Only a penny*.
(*the penny must be one of those rare, mis-stamped pennies)

What's a good idea worth? Consider that, and our charges will seem like a penny in comparison.

Costs will vary depending on four factors:
1. The number of ideas you want
3. How fast you need the ideas
2. The type of ideas you need
4. How 'difficult' we think picking the ideas will be

Because of this, we look over your form submission and then send you a free, no obligation quote that takes into account all your requirements.

Your quote will include price options for:
- Quantity of ideas delivered (ranging from 10 ideas to 500 ideas)
- Speed of idea delivery (ranging from 1 week to 6 months)

Give us a go, and find out exactly how much an idea's worth!