Variation Ideas

Need to come up with a set of answer variations?
The Brainwave Orchard team can generate 100's of suitable answers, serious and/or humorous, to your situation, including the following:  
  • Story plot variations
  • Game plot variations
  • Argument, debate responses ideas
  • Poll question ideas
  • Top 10 lists
You name it, we'll vary it!

Step 1 - Fill in the form below, which will help us choose ideas that will best meet your needs.
Step 2 - We'll check your submission, and our ability to fulfil it, and send you a free, no obligation quote within a few days.
Step 3 - Send payment (Paypal/Credit Card)
Step 4 - We hand pick the ideas that suit your needs, wash, wrap, and deliver them in the time chosen.
Step 5 - Choose which ideas you want to use! (or the ones that spring to mind after seeing our list of suggestions)